Unity BioSync

Unity BioSync

Unity® BioSync™

The new Unity® BioSync™ Contact Lens with HydraMist™ fits on the tip of a finger yet offers a number of benefits to patients. Upgrade to a contact lens designed to keep your eyes healthy with our premium, silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses with all new HydraMist technology. HydraMist is a 90% water polymer that mimics the eye’s natural tear film. It is permanently bonded to the surface of the contact lens, effectively creating a mucin-like wetting surface on the underlying lens material and shielding it from the ocular surface and tear film. Patients will enjoy exceptional comfort and vision, allowing them to experience everyday life simply better.

Product Benefits

  • HydraMist technology to optimize all-day comfort and vision
  • Mimics the natural tear film of the eye to ensure consistent moisture for all-day wear
  • Low maintenance and high oxygen transmittance


Material Packaging Core Water Content Wearing Schedule
olifilcon B 90 Pk 47% Daily disposable